Company Information

Evaro is owned by:

Total Access Health Ltd., The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Company Number: 10681825

Contact Details:

Registered Pharmacy Information

Pharmacy premises:
Total Access Health Ltd., 42 Barnard Road, Norwich, NR5 9JB
Pharmacy GPhC Number: 9012167

Superintendent Pharmacist
Justin Dicks GPhC Number: 2038305

You can check the status of both our Pharmacy and Superintendent on the GPhC online Register.

MHRA Information

Total Access Health Ltd. Is registered with the MHRA but it is no longer a requirement to display the logo after leaving the EU.

Our Prescribers

We use Independent Pharmacist prescribers to issue private prescriptions. They are register in the UK and licensed to practice in the UK.

You can check the status of our independent pharmacist prescribers on the GPhC online Register.